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Welcome to Canopy Caravan!

Many holidays have been enjoyed in very rough terrain in different neighbouring countries. Never have we been disappointed or has the challenge been too great. Friends, who have toured along with us, only had words of praise for the Canopy Caravan. To be in the wild and enjoy the nature with the luxury of having your holiday home travelling with and without having to tow anything. Wherever you stop you can make breakfast or lunch. Just take your table, chairs and relax.

A Champion in a class of its own. This outdoor canopy is a real champion in a class of its own and with it today’s extremely expensive travel and residence fees, it is possible to go on an inexpensive trip or vacation. Fully equipped, and ready for touring, according to your specifications. The Canopy Caravan has served a multitude of enjoyable holidays on new ground across Africa. Canopy Caravan leaves no doubt in quality and all feedback from customers has always been positive.

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With the Canopy Caravan you can take on a wilderness trip without a having to drag any heavy trailers. And wherever you decide to stop, you can do in the comfort of your own holiday home. The unit fits all 4×4`s, Single Cab, Double Cab and Club Cab and can easily be mounted by two men.


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