Safety Standards

The Canopy Caravan has been thoroughly tested for technicality and safety, regarding the rugged African routs, terrain and climate. This is proven with specific reference to the vanZyl’s pass in Namibia and the Swartberg pass in the Western Cape.

  • This canopy has been build and provided with strengthened fibre glass for effective isolation to keep extreme temperatures outside.
  • It has been designed in such a way to be bolted down safely on your bakkie or 4×4 with strengthened bolts.
  • The canopy comes with specially designed jacks to make it possible for only one person to unload and load the canopy onto your vehicle – it weighs 460kg.
  • Entrance to the Canopy Caravan is extremely easy; Just drop down the stepladder, open the door and voila!The gas stove pulls into place; take your table and chairs out of the passageway; climb back into the canopy and unlock the rooftop; give it a bit of a push and it will open hydraulically. All you need to do now is to take and ice-cold cool drink from the fridge and enjoy the BETTER-LIFE!
  • Everything in this canopy has been specifically placed and designed in such a way to take the “Hard Work” out of vacation, in order for you to prepare a snack or meal within a few minutes after stopping and relax.
  • The windows, roof and door can be locked safety.
  • The roof is covered with high quality netting to keep out all insects.


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